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6 années 2 mois ago
Eine Nachricht von Herrn Generalkonsul Walter Leuchs.Un message de Monsieur Walter Leuchs, Consul général de la République fédérale de l'Allemagne à Montréal.A message from Mr. Walter Leuchs, Consul-General of the Federal Republic of German in Montreal. Lire plus ...
6 années 8 mois ago
We hope you enjoyed the 2015 German Gala Ball! Pictures from the evening (including the protrait shots of your and your families) are now available on our photographers website. You can download the photos from the site for free. Lire plus ...
6 années 10 mois ago
We are proud to announce that Air Canada and Rolf C. Hagen Inc. have offered their support and become sponsors of the German Gala Ball on May 2. Henkell & Co. Group is the sponsor of the cocktail before the ball. Enercon Canada and Mobilia are silver sponsors for the event. Lire plus ...

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